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Curriculum Vitae

Domenic A. Grignano

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Personal Profile


As former technology facilitator and systems engineer of East Rock Magnet School, Mr. Grignano worked to promote, enable, and empower students, staff, and administrators at all levels in educational technology. His previous classroom teaching experiences in grades 1-8 for over 20 years complemented his technological innovations and visions. Through his efforts, Mr. Grignano and East Rock continuously gained national recognition with Compaq, Microsoft, Asante Technologies, and Xerox via the Internet, magazines, press releases, and corporate advertising for being a model program. The school had attained the status of being in the top 5% technology-rich schools in the country. Mr. Grignano created major partnerships and sponsorships with institutions and businesses including Yale University, Comcast, Learning Services, Visions Technologies, Bytes of Learning, Altiris, Broderbund, and Seagate software. Based on the school’s sophisticated network, Mr. Grignano, as a consultant, was hired to beta test most of the major educational software programs before their official release.  His major credits include: being the first school in the nation to network a school and to implement the Internet on a major scale; the first school to be a model with PCs for Compaq and Microsoft; the first school to successfully implement a model laptop program for grades 3-5 for the federal government.



Mr. Grignano is considered a leading technology pioneer in education, as well as a professional consultant/lecturer for schools and major software companies. Included in his professional articles, he had a Technology Tips column for Harcourt’s national publication, Classroom Connect Connected Newsletter, for 11 years.  In addition, he was an adjunct professor at Fairfield University teaching Educational Technology. Presently, Mr. Grignano expanded his area of expertise to the corporate world as a consultant/engineer for networks, creating various websites, and a technology consultant in the medical field.




M.S., Education, Southern Connecticut State University, 1977
B.S., Education, Southern Connecticut State University, 1972


Professional Work Experiences



2011 – Present         Technology Consultant - Medical Field

  • Technology consultant on special medical projects at University of Washington.
  • Consultant for developing and creating the Bladder Cancer Network Advocacy Network website - (BCAN) htttp://  (2017-2018)
  • Network engineer/consultant/webmaster for Winters Dental Office, West Haven, CT.

1997 – Present         Consultant and Writer

  • Network consultant/engineer for the business sector.
  • Consultant for various schools with educational technology.
  • Previous writer for Classroom Connect’s Connected Newsletter (Harcourt) with a personal column entitled, Technology Tips; over 50,000 people view the column each month (1997-2008).
  • Previous writer for Technology & Learning Magazine, plus various other publications.
  • Presenter in the past for major conventions, including Classroom Connect and technology groups/organizations.

1998 – Present         Webmaster

  • Creator and designer of various educational and business Web sites.
  • Created a site entitled, Technology Infusion, for educators to infuse technology into the curriculum (Summer 2008).
  • Past webmaster (9 years) for the award winning Web site for East Rock Magnet School – Awards included: Eduhound Spotlight School, The Golden Web Awards, and the CoolSchool Honor Roll.

2007 - 2009              Adjunct Professor

  • Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
  • Teaching MD 300 - Introduction to Educational Technology


1995 – 2006             Technology Facilitator/Systems Engineer

  • Awarded a Federal Department of Education grant (1 of 5 schools in the country) to test the impact of one-to-one learning with laptops in the classroom by integrating curriculum, planning, state and national standards and assessments infused with the latest hardware and software; the project involved the delivery of instruction to students in collaboration amongst students, teachers, parents, and the community. (2002 – 2006)
  • Worked with major software companies in developing educational software based on the school’s model technology programs. (1995 – 2006)
  • Created a formalized technology curriculum for grades K-8 for students and teachers. (1995 – 2006)
  • Participated in the evaluation of the 3 year Federal magnet school grant - received additional 3 year magnet funded to continue the process - first school in the nation to receive funding for 2 consecutive terms. (1998 – 2001)
  • Wrote and competed for a 3 year Federal magnet school grant with a focus on technology integration and global studies – Awarded September, 1995. (1995 – 1998)
  • Designed and completed a network infrastructure of hubs and switches with a grant from the Asante Corporation; 1st New Haven public school to have a network, full Internet access in all classrooms, satellite link, and a video productions studio (1995-1996)
  • Worked with Microsoft Corporation as the first school site in the country demonstrating Microsoft Office and the superiority of Internet Explorer III in education - it led to a national advertising campaign featuring the schools’ program. (1995 – 1996)
  • Created a partnership with Microsoft Corporation to implement to entire line of software into the school’s curriculum. (1995 – 2001)
  • Implemented a full-scale technology program for training teachers and students with 2 major grants from the Compaq Computer Corporation.  From the 1st grant, East Rock Magnet School received over $300,000 of donated computers - School became the model technology program for the eastern coast for Compaq.  Received a 2nd grant in 2002 for the one-to-one laptop program initiative ($750,000) which gave laptops to all students in grades 3-5.  In addition, it provided technical support and $20,000 in server equipment. (1995 - 2003)


1972 – 2006             Teaching

  • Classroom teacher at East Rock Magnet School, New Haven, CT (1974 – 2006)
  • Artistic Director of the Performing Arts Theatre, a federally funded dance, music and theatre program, at East Rock Community School (later known as East Rock Magnet School), New Haven, CT (1974 – 1979)
  • Classroom teacher at Clinton Avenue School, New Haven, CT (1972 - 1974)
  • Artistic Director of the Little Folks Theatre, Clinton Avenue School, New Haven, CT (1972 – 1974)



Major Associations

  • Harcourt – featured educational technology columnist.
  • Partnership and collaborations for the national one-to-one laptop program at East Rock Magnet School - HP, Plato Learning, Enterasys Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Digital Curriculum, Altiris Software, Inspiration Software, Visions Technology, STOP Security and Bytes of Learning.
  • Partnerships and collaborations for the school-wide technology program - Microsoft, Compaq, Asante, Xerox Corporation, and Comcast.



Specialty Areas in Technology

  • K-12 Technology Integration for Teachers
  • K-12 Technology Integration for Students
  • Latest Trends in Technology for K-12
  • Free or Low Cost Forms of Technology
  • Motivational Teacher Workshops
  • Best Networking Concepts for Schools to Implement
  • Analyze, Design and setup Labs/Classrooms for Technology
  • Laptop Setup, Integration and Implementation
  • Using Video in the Classroom
  • Correlations with State and National Standards
  • Acceptable Use Policy Rules and Regulations
  • Desktop and Laptop Security
  • Cloning of Desktops and Laptops
  • Secrets of getting Equipment and Software Cheaper



Major Educational Acknowledgements in Technology


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I have written many additional articles. Listed below are those from 2008 – 2004 in chronological order:

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Magazine Articles


Grignano, D. A., Poftak, A., & Rockman, S. (2004, October). Getting Results with Laptops. Technology & Learning, 25(3), 34-40.

Grignano, D. A. (2001, June). Students Take Virtual Field Trips with Xcursion Central [Review of the online software Xcursion Central]. Inside Education Solutions for Sucess, 1(2), 44.


Grignano, D. A., & Gandi, V. (2000, May/June). Web-Based Curricula at Its Best. School Executive, 11.


Previous Memberships

  • ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education
  • CECA - Connecticut Educators Computer Association
  • CEMA - Connecticut Educational Media Association



References are available upon request.



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